5-Star Land - Washington retirement property for sale, owner financed, low downs, great land 5-Star Land - Prime horse properties, owner financed, low down, great land

Great land, good price, low down…

That’s the mantra of the Five Star Land Company. We specialize in rural land for sale in beautiful Stevens County, WA. This northeast corner of Washington State offers prime horse pasture, vacation sites and retirement properties. Owner financed and ready for your dream retreat or new home. Great property and good deals or Charlie just plain wouldn’t endorse them!

March 2014 ~ some great new spring prices!! 
Now's the time to buy that perfect piece of land.

Owning land is the all American Dream!
We make dreams come true!

Washington land for sale

New View Property and a 35 acre piece that's perfect for horses!

Sneak Preview!

New property just listed near Waitts Lake, Washington.

Check out the beatiful views and gorgeous land!


Great Horse Property!Waitts Lake View Property...

Washington land for sale

Horseshoe Ridge

  • GREAT horse property!
  • Sustainable living at its best
  • Nice pastured parcels perfect for horse grazing
  • Open, sunny... just right to grow your own garden
  • Easy access off main road
  • Not far from the town of Deer Park, WA
  • Best of all OWNER FINANCED! 

For information on each parcel and a photograpic tour Great Horse Property!read more...

Highland Rim

  • Great views and easy access!
  • Secluded living and spacious views 
  • Minutes off a main road
  • Perfect for a year round home or a quiet retreat cabin
  • A place to just enjoy living!
  • Minutes away is the little town of Valley...
    just right for a cup of coffee or quick store need!

For information on each parcel and a photograpic tour Highland Rimread more...

Valley Ridge

  • Large trees frame spacious views
  • Seasonal stream bubbles through the lower end
  • Deer wander the slopes
  • Secluded parcels offer a view of the valley
  • Minutes from major roads
  • Park your RV on a pad for the summer
    or build a dream log cabin in the woods
  • The ski slopes aren't far!
  • Sit on your new cabin porch and watch bucks
    or visit the local casino to make bucks!

For information on each parcel and a photograpic tour Land for sale, Valley Washingtonread more...

Charlie Knows!

Horse Property

Sustainable Living Property

Recreation Property

Retirement Property

Military and Veterans Programs


Low Down

“My friend Paul, the land man, took off vacationing and left me to tend his business. Told me to be real low down when dealing with people. I ‘spect that meant a low down payment on one of these nice little parcels of property he has for sale. At least I hope that’s what he meant! Send me a quick e-mail and I’d be happy to tell you about one of the little low down deals that I’ve put together.” CONTACT

Good Price

“I just don’t know how a man is going to make any money when he sells his best land this cheap! Other guys are offering logged off pieces of dirt for allot more. My friend Paul, the land man, is supposed to be real smart but I’m thinking he just doesn’t realize what prize little parcels of real estate he has here! Give him a ring on his high fluting phone and grab this deal before he figures it out! Better yet, call Steve Crisp our realtor guy....he always answers!” (509) 688-5018

Great Land

“I don’t understand my friend Paul, the land man. He has these beautiful little parcels of land and he’s selln’ them off! Why, I wouldn’t be able to give them up. This Stevens County place is unspoilt, undiscovered and just plain desirable. I haven't seen too may other places in this big USA where a fella could own this nice a piece a acreage, especially at these darn, gummed low prices! Send me an e-mail and I’d be happy to expound on my friend Paul’s crazy land deal.” CONTACT