Great land, good price, low down…

That’s the mantra of the Five Star Land Company. We specialize in rural land for sale in beautiful Stevens County, WA. This northeast corner of Washington State offers prime horse pasture, vacation sites and retirement properties. Owner financed and ready for your dream retreat or new home. Great property and good deals or Charlie just plain wouldn’t endorse them!

Land for sale

Highland Rim

Highland Rim  (See)

Great views and easy access! The four parcels in Highland Ridge offer secluded living and spacious views down the Chewelah Valley...yet are minutes off a main road. Tuck a year round home or a quiet retreat cabin on one of these parcels and just enjoy living! Minutes away is the little town of Valley... just right for a cup of coffee or picking up an item from the store. 

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Horseshoe Ridge

Horseshoe Ridge  (See)

THIS is where horses live! Nice pastured parcels perfectly set up for horse grazing or sustainable living. Open, sunny and just right for growing your own garden, having a few chickens and sitting back on the porch to watch a sunset. Not far from the town of Deer Park, easy access and best of all OWNER FINANCED! Some of the 9 parcels in this peaceful setting have trees and some are just wide open spaces to create your own surrounding.

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Valley Ridge

Valley Ridge  (See)

Large trees frame spacious views. A seasonal stream bubbles through the lower end of Valley Ridge and deer wander the slopes. The 4 pretty secluded parcels offer a view of lower Chewelah Valley yet are minutes from major roads. Park your RV on a pad for the summer or build that log cabin in the woods that you've dreamed about. The ski slopes aren't far for winter enjoyment. Sit on your new cabin porch and watch bucks or visit the local casino to make bucks!

For information on each parcel and a photographic tour (See and read more)

Charlie Knows!

Low Down

“Low down!!?? Why my friend Paul, the land man, is so low down he's nuts! He'll even let you put in a well instead of making a low down payment.  Send me a quick e-mail and I’d be happy to tell you about how low down he'll go!"

Good Price

“I didn't have allot of money but my friend Paul, the land man dealt me a piece of property the kind of which I just used to dream about. He deals on land better than the local casino deals cards!  Let me tell you more about good land prices."  to ask about the best prices...

Great Land

“My friend Paul, the land man, has found some of the prettiest land around. There's nothin that excites him like a great view and he just has to buy it. Now me... I'm a little more excited by that Julie who bakes the best pies around..." [EDITOR'S NOTE:]  Charlie!! Stick to selling great land! For more great land info just call Steve, the realtor. HE"S reliable! (509) 688-5018