Charlie Knows!

Great Land

“My friend Paul, the land man, is a great believer in taking the time to do the things you like to do. Stevens County, WA has some of the best four-season recreation around. The livin' is easy, the views are great and there's some of the nicest little parcels of land to put a house on or have a seasonal cabin or RV pad. I'm thinkin' life just doesn't get any better!"

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Good Price

“Well, I told Paul, the land man, that when people need to have some fun skiing, hunting', fishing, hiking or boating, they need to buy all that right equipment. After that...well there isn't allot left over to buy some nice recreation land with!  He said that just wasn't right... So he declared that if you just say "FUN" to him, he'd give you a better deal on a nice little parcel of recreation land!"

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Low Down

“Paul, the land man, is a listener! When I gave him the low down on people who wanted recreation land but couldn't afford a down payment, he said he could make land sense with no cents! He promised low down payments and better yet... put in a well or road at your new recreation property and you have no down payment!

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Recreation Property

recreation property Washington

"Doin' the things that make you feel the happiest...whether its a quiet kayak trip, fishing, hunting , golf or skiing....recreation is the heart beat of America!"


"My name is Charlie and I'm the recreatin' type. Boy I love a good morning of fishin', maybe followed by a couple holes of golf and polished off with a quiet kayak trip down a local stream. Winter time and I'm the biggest ski bum you ever saw! Thanks to my friend Paul, the land man, I've found the nicest, little, affordable piece of Washington property where I can park my RV and recreate till the cows come home!" (Take a look at some of this nice land I'm talkin' about...)


Property Washington

There's Nothing Like Spending Time
Doing What You Want! 


Property Washington

Stevens County, Washington Offers It All!

Here in Stevens County, just north of Spokane, WA the land is affordable and the living is easy. Four seasons offer all the advantages of summer entertainment offset by winter activities. Golfing is close and for a little inside entertainment there's always the local casino! Little towns with all the amenities are close for every service you need and the people are real friendly.

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Property Washington

When you need to relax and have some fun, it's time to do just what you want. That may be boating, hiking, fishing, skiing or shooting that buck with EITHER a gun or a camera!  Havin' that place to escape to and do these recreation things with the family is important. That's what childhood memories are made of! 

My friend Paul, the land man, buys nice little parcels of property in this Stevens County place and you can do all that fun recreation stuff right here! Why he even finances the land for you to make it affordable! Just take a look at some of this land.. (Take a Look!)

Property WashingtonWashington land for saleWashington land for sale

All you need is just the right little piece of land to escape to!
By golly, we got it!

Horse property for sale

"I've discovered that just north of Spokane, Washington there's this Steven's County place. Why... there's some beautiful recreation sites here that are downright affordable. My friend Paul, the land man, thinks they would be really sweet for a nice little escape cabin or a pad spot to put an RV on. Being a skier and hiker himself... he wants to make this nice land available for other fun lovin' sorts so he's offered to owner finance the whole buying thing himself!"

"Just take a look at this grassy view spot for a nice little log cabin!" ~ Charlie

Nice Recreation  Land For Sale...

Land for sale Stevens County, WAA View, good access....
The Perfect Property

"Now this is a secluded spot! Lot's of trees, a view and even a little seasonal stream trickling through the bottom of  the property. Not far from the ski slopes and easy access off of the highway. Lots of wild things for neighbors and a perfect spot for a little escape cabin! A nice way to get back to nature......then hit the ski slopes! But better look quick as these spots are done bein' bought up!!"

 ~ Charlie

Recreation Property For Sale...